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Save Money On Electricity

Saving money on your electric bill!!! Everyone regrets seeing that bill come in

the mail, so why not try to make it a little less on your wallet. In this article, I’m going to

cover some basic home repairs that the average DIYer can accomplish along with some

professional, relatively inexpensive tests that can be done on your home to save you

money and make your home more comfortable.

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, you most likely have TECO or Duke Energy

as your electrical service provider. TECO will do a free energy audit, and you can do that

by internet, phone, or have a tech come out. Duke Energy will send a tech out for a

Lets go over some very common problems with energy loss. Your largest use of

electricity in your average Florida home is your Air Conditioner. In fact, on my energy

audit, my A/C uses about 53.5% of the annual power consumption, and I keep it at about

74­77 degrees all year round. Second place runner up was my freezer at 8%, and third

being my refrigerator at 7%. So you can see just how big an impact your a/c has on your

overall electricity bill. Mind you, I have a propane water heater, which should come in

second place on the electrical use, if you have an electric water heater.

Knowing that our air conditioners are the largest electrical consumer of the

house, means we can gauge what to look for to reduce “Air Leakage”. Air Leakage, also

referred to as “infiltration”, is the accidental or unintentional introduction of outside air into

the building envelope, most likely through cracks, old windows, exterior holes, and

exterior doors. Having just an 1/8″ sized crack in your front door, is like having a gaping

hole in your exterior wall. The hole acts like a vacuum depending upon the pressure

differences from the outside of the house to the inside of the house.

In fact, as stated in Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida 7th Edition,

air leakage contributes to over 30% of cooling and heating costs. Along with that, it

creates moisture and comfort problems, can bring in radon and mold into the house, and

creates nice easy access for insects and rodents.

So if you can see daylight through your front door, or you have noticeable cracks

in your window openings, something needs to be done. Either replace your weather

stripping or possibly change out that window. One of the best ways to find your largest

energy losses is by doing a blower door test.

The blower door test was just passed into Florida Building Code, this year, 2016.

It requires that all new construction homes have the blower door test done to check for

leaks in the envelope of the house. For roughly $150 to $200, you can have a company

come out and do this pressurized test on your house, and find your major trouble spots in

about an hour to an hour and a half. They will most likely go around with an infrared

thermometer and point out where your air leakage points are. Along with the blower door

test, you can do a duct work test, which is the same concept. A company will come out to

your house, and pressurize your duct work to see if they can find any openings in the

system, which can then easily be replaced, saving your hundreds on your electricity bills.

These companies will show you trouble spots, where air leakage is occuring, and

with merely a tube of caulking, and a roll of insulation you can prevent a lot of moisture

intrusion, air conditioned loss, and insects from entering your home.

Try these few tests out and I guarantee you will see savings on your bills and

create a more comfortable, longer ­lasting home! Good Luck!

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